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EduTOYpia Equipment List
Item SelectionAvailable ActionsTitleImageManufacturerModel #Loan Status
File: 'beebot'
TTS Group LtdIT: 10077-09-02 or 246BO B #87355Ready to Loan
Code Gamer
File: 'codegamer'
Thames & KosmosReady to Loan
File: 'codeapillar'
Fisher PriceReady to Loan
Coding Express
File: 'CodingExpress'
RobobloqRB-00010Ready to Loan
Cody Block
File: 'CodyBlock'
QUBSReady to Loan
Cubetto Playset
File: 'Cubetto'
PRIMOReady to Loan
dash coding robot
File: 'wonderdash'
Wonder WorkshopReady to Loan
Edison EdSketch Robot
File: 'EdisonSketch'
MicrobricReady to Loan
Finch Robot 2.0
File: 'Finch'
BirdBrain TechnologiesReady to Loan
Frozen Coding Kit
File: 'frozen'
KANOReady to Loan
Hummingbird Robotics Kit
File: 'Hummingbird2'
BirdBrain TechnologiesBITPREMKITReady to Loan
iRobot Coding Robot
File: 'irobotroot'
iRobot CorporationRT1908F02329Ready to Loan
Kibo 10 Robot Kit
File: 'kibo'
KinderLab Robotics7102Ready to Loan
KUMITA Beginner 18 Panel Set
File: 'KumitaPanels'
ICON Corp.Ready to Loan
KUMITA Start and Goal Set
File: 'Kumita2'
ICON Corp.Ready to Loan
LEGO Mindstorms Dark Side Developer Kit
File: 'darkside'
LEGOReady to Loan
LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor
File: 'mindstormrobot'
LEGOReady to Loan
Makey Makey
File: 'makeymakey'
Makey MakeyReady to Loan
Mochi Robotics Kit
File: 'mochi'
My Creativity BoxReady to Loan
OZOBOT Educator Entry Kit
File: 'ozobot'
Evollve Inc. California040101Ready to Loan
Robo Rally
File: 'roborally'
Avalon HillReady to Loan
Robot Turtles
File: 'tutles'
ThinkfunPB01Ready to Loan
Scratch Jr Coding Cards
File: 'scratchjr'
No Starch PressReady to Loan
Sphero - Star Wars
File: 'spheroStarWars'
Sphero, Inc.R001WCReady to Loan
File: 'sprk'
Sphero, Inc.K001Ready to Loan
Turing Tumble: Build Marble Powered Computers
File: 'turingtumble'
LongPack GamesReady to Loan
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